Abbess Sofia of Caerwent

Abbess of Saint Scholastica Abbey


What everyone knows: Saint Scholastica Abbey outside of Caerwent is known as a place of learning, the spiritual successor to the College of Cadoc. A self-sufficient double monastery, the brothers and sisters are very selective in who they allow to study with them, and only students of the abbey are allowed to access their library. The abbey’s scriptorium is well-respected, turning out beautiful, illuminated manuscripts on commission and regularly copying rare and
difficult to find texts.

The abbess of Saint Scholastica, Sofia of Caerwent, is known to be old and wise. She is incredibly discriminating about company, and very, very few students are allowed the privilege to study with her. In her youth, it is rumored that she traveled to Ireland, and she is known to
have taken a pilgrimage to Rome. She maintains healthy correspondence with others outside the Abbey; some say it’s for political reasons to consolidate the Abbey’s power. Others say that it’s for intellectual curiosity with other clerics and scholars throughout Europe.

What the fae-touched know: Sofia is highly secretive, even with her correspondents. She has a wide circle of correspondents who are fae or fae-touched. Some say she is kinain. Some say she is cainite. Whatever she is, she knows a lot about the fae and the Dreaming, which can make her a valuable resource, if you can decipher her answers or if you offer her something that interests her. In recent years, she has spent much time studying the megaliths of the British Isles, especially Wales. Her library is vast, containing more knowledge than even her peers in the Church realize. She rarely stirs from her Abbey, but she knows fathoms.

Abbess Sofia of Caerwent

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