Abbess Sofia of Caerwent

Abbess of Saint Scholastica Abbey


Et ipsa scientia potestas est.

Type: Vampire
Splat: Kiasyd
Focus: Mental

Abilities/Merits/Flaws (forthcoming)

Supernatural Powers: Kindred Discipline powers appropriate to her generation and age. Focus in Dominate and Mytherceria with some ranks in Obtenebration (not yet approved)

Relationships: (forthcoming)


Description: Few are allowed into the presence of Abess Sofia, and of those who meet her, very few remember what she looks like. Details about her face or her age are vague. They mostly describe her as reserved and venerable. In truth, Sofia’s presence is otherworldly. There is no denying that she is a Weirdling. She is very tall, taller than most men, and her skin is pale as death with a glow like a full moon on a clear summer night. Her eyes are utterly black. Her features are almost elfin: narrow, fine, and chiseled. She has wild black hair, that she wears cut short, and is usually covered by a veil and wimple.

What everyone knows: Saint Scholastica Abbey outside of Caerwent is known as a place of learning, the spiritual successor to the College of Cadoc. A self-sufficient double monastery, the brothers and sisters are very selective in who they allow to study with them, and only students of the abbey are allowed to access their library. The abbey’s scriptorium is well-respected, turning out beautiful, illuminated manuscripts on commission and regularly copying rare and difficult to find texts.

The abbess of Saint Scholastica, Sofia of Caerwent, is known to be old and wise. She is incredibly discriminating about company, and very, very few students are allowed the privilege to study with her. In her youth, it is rumored that she traveled to Ireland, and she is known to have taken a pilgrimage to Rome. She maintains healthy correspondence with others outside the Abbey; some say it’s for political reasons to consolidate the Abbey’s power. Others say that it’s for intellectual curiosity with other clerics and scholars throughout Europe.

What the fae-touched know: Sofia is highly secretive, even with her correspondents. She has a wide circle of correspondents who are fae or fae-touched. Some say she is kinain. Some say she is cainite. Whatever she is, she knows a lot about the fae and the Dreaming, which can make her a valuable resource, if you can decipher her answers or if you offer her something that interests her. In recent years, she has spent much time studying the megaliths of the British Isles, especially Wales. Her library is vast, containing more knowledge than even her peers in the Church realize. She rarely stirs from her Abbey, but she knows fathoms.

Secret history:

Born: Mairwen verch Dafydd
Baptised: Magdalena
Apparent age: late-30s
True age: 793
Generation: 6 (Childe of Marconius?)
Childer: none

Languages: Welsh (native), Latin (native), Old English (West Saxon dialect), Anglo-Norman, Greek, Hebrew

Born about AD 404 and raised in Venta Silurum. She took vows in a cloistered order.

Embraced AD 445 while on pilgrimage to Rome (possibly by Marconius himself? Or one of his Fae Childer?). Disappeared for centuries (into the Near Dreaming with Marconius, if that’s where he went? I’ve read some sources that Lasombra imprisoned him in Sicily). Spends time studying in Rome, Constantinople, and Antioch before returning to Britannia. She made this trip slowly by way of Gaul, stopping at certain abbeys that seemed to be back-water, out of the way places.

She returned to Britannia around AD 745, to find that Roman influence had waned. She crossed the Irish Sea and spent time in Ireland [details to come?] and then went north to spend time in Scotland, with lengthy trips to Iona and Lindisfarne. She also spent a couple years in Iceland.

In the early 1000s, she returned to Gwent and founded an Abbey (St. Scholastica Abbey) outside of Caerwent (Rule of St. Benedict-possibly Cistercian). Through her use of Dominate on the sisters, she has led them, and therefore the people in Caerwent, to believe that the
Abbey has had three abbesses before her (which were, of course, her – with maybe a brief break in there when she was torpored?). She’s fairly reclusive even within the Abbey. Recovered the library from the College of Cadog at Llancarfan after the intrusion of Norman power in 1086.

Primary study seems to be the megaliths of the British Isles, which is either part of an attempt to find the balance between the abyss and glamour in the material world or a continuation of the her Sire’s studies to better understand Obtenebration [I haven’t decided yet].

Discipline focus: Mytherceria and Dominate, practical levels of Obtenebration.

Abbey population/description: (forthcoming)

Abbess Sofia of Caerwent

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