Sample Character

Enter your two-word to one-sentence character concept here


In lieu of a character sheet, please use the following format to describe your character, choosing one option from each set and filling in keywords where indicated:

Type: (Vampire/Mage/Werewolf/other)
Splat: (Clan/Path/Tribe)
Focus: (Physical/Mental/Social)

(For the following, please indicate a handful of relevant Traits from the various oWoD books. All characters are assumed to be of above-average Intelligence; any other traits are yours to devise on your own, as they’re unlikely to come into play.)
Merits (and Flaws, if you choose):
Supernatural Powers: (Anything you like, as long as you run it by me first.)

Known character ties should also be here. If you’re the notorious childe of the Prince of London, indicate this way:
Relationship: Childe of the Prince of London


This is where the fun stuff goes. Put in whatever you like!

Sample Character

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