Keeping an IC diary can be done in any format you prefer. If you decide to use hardcopy (which I think most of you will enjoy more), try to make sure you either use looseleaf paper of some kind or a book that can be easily copied and/or scanned.

If you decide to keep an online diary, LJ is recommended as I (and, I think, all of you) already have access to it, and it’s easy to set up separate accounts. If you decide to go this route, please just give access to LJ user skaski_genki.

You may keep a diary in whatever format you like. Some suggestions include:
*unsent letters to deceased/imaginary/unreachable correspondents
*daily journal
*collection of personal academic or philosophic essays

These diaries can be used to further react to IC information from your fellow players or the Storyteller, or to invent and pursue solo story threads.


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