Roleplaying the Dark Ages

Because we’re playing a civilized group of people, all PCs are assumed to speak, read, and write Latin. All correspondence will be ICly in Latin unless otherwise indicated.

All PCs are educated either to or beyond their normal social status and are assumed to have some political or social clout (though this may be extremely localized).

PC and NPC correspondents may include:
*Castellan to a major castle or religious institution
*Royal mistress
*High-ranking military officer
*Historian and/or translator
*Jewish philosopher
*City mayor or county sheriff
*Vampire Prince
*Minister of the Messianic Voices
*Druid in exile
*Ennobled pack elder

The horizons of the 12th century are smaller than our own, but people have not significantly changed. The flowering of science and philosophy and the search for the threads of Classical thought mean that the characters that we will portray and interact with are curious, resourceful, and intellectual. Though they will have mystical, biological, and political agendas to deal with, they all have at least a hint of an investigatory nature. Enjoy the story as you help it unfold, rely on online and hardcopy research sources to help make the world richer, and don’t get caught up in the details.

Roleplaying the Dark Ages

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