Using the Dark Ages canon

As a medieval historian by training, I don’t have a lot of attachment to the canon NPCs, plots, or locations of the Dark Ages setting. Some NPC roles (Princes of major cities, etc) will be replaced with NPCs of my own devising, but any NPC that’s either in a role that’s not filled or not explicitly replaced in this campaign you are welcome to use. Please note also that I have both Dark Ages Vampire and Vampire: the Dark Ages; this game is closer in timeframe to the latter.

Oaths of Britain DOES use:
*High and Low Clans
*Dark Ages bloodlines
*Roads (if you’re so inclined; morality paths are also usable)

Oaths of Britain does NOT use:
*War of Princes (this is before the Sack of Constantinople)
*The Inquisition

Bear in mind also that this is also a crossover campaign; we’re lowering the hurdles to allow werewolves and mages and vampires and god only knows what else cooperate in pursuit of a higher goal.

Using the Dark Ages canon

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