The Fae-Touched

All character types can be found in Dark Ages or standard World of Darkness sourcebooks. I realize not everyone HAS all of the relevant books (not even I do), but I’m sure we can make the pertinent information available. None of these character types is influenced by oWoD metaplot; I’m picking and choosing for flavor, not timeframe.

The idea here is that your character, who may also be in other ways supernatural, has some kind of link to fae magic. This may be explicit, as in the Kiasyd, or associative, as in the Ravnos’ tie to illusion. You may play characters of any of the following splats; splats in parentheses may be workable but need good backstory:

Vampire: Ravnos, Kiasyd, (Malkavian)
Werewolf: Fianna, White Howlers*, (Stargazers)
Changing Breeds: Ceilican, (Corax)
Mage: Old Faith, Sorcerers Crusade Verbena, (Spirit Talkers)
Human: Semi-supernatural types (ghouls, etc.) aren’t an option, but there are other possibilities.
Changeling: None

*(YES, WHITE HOWLERS. SHUT UP. I’m handwaving the Wyrm, because there aren’t enough Celtic character types that aren’t cliche and/or Irish. A decent writeup can be found here)

The Fae-Touched

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