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(1/1/18) There’s Character creation guidelines for mechanics and Inspiration for what to read and watch! The setting documents have also been updated.
(3/2/12) There’s a Sample Character outline for you to use!

Settings and System for Oaths of Britain


Oaths of Britain is intended to be a low-maintenance, low-commitment, high-creativity campaign exploring the mysteries and conflicts in the overlap between the natural and mystical worlds. To facilitate this, we’ll be using a “game” system called De Profundis. (I think it’s worth it to buy a PDF copy of De Profundis, because it’s interesting reading, but it’s not necessary.)

The book sketches out three different methodologies for play: letters, diaries, and a LARPish thing it calls ‘psychodrama’, though we’ll only be using the first two. The idea is that all roleplay happens within the documents you write, and most if not all plot threads come from your own brain. This can be something as pragmatic as indicating to a correspondent that you’re going away on a long journey (because you know that OOC you won’t have any time to write), to something as fanciful as describing to a pen pal a significant dream your character had that featured another character the pen pal has never met.

With luck, we’ll make something original and fun to read, and if and when we come to a good conclusion of the story, we’ll use the documents created to put together a book for each of us to keep.

If possible, take the time to write physical letters, then scan or take a photo so we can keep a record of them. If you can’t manage it, there will be a document template you can use. I’ll be setting up a mechanism to keep the digital copies of everything.

You won’t need a character sheet, though you will need to pick a character type and have a fully playable concept. We’ll keep a record here of publicly and privately known information about each PC.

Rules and System

Character creation
Keeping a diary
Campaign coordination
Using the Dark Ages canon


Timeframe – The 12th Century Renaissance
Location – Britannia
Character Backgrounds – Roleplaying the Dark Ages
Character Types – The Fae-Touched

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